終戦記念日 【18】2009.08.11


 「終戦記念日」は「The anniversary day to commemorate the
end of the war.
During the warmany school children were evacuated from Tokyo to the prefecture.
 空襲で郡山でもたくさん犠牲者が出ました。「The city of Koriyama was
 air−raided, and many citizens were injured or killed.
 勤労動員や学徒動員がありましたが、「勤労動員された」は「Citizens were mobilized and worked at factories to support the
war−time production
」、「学徒動員」は「Students were mobilized to help the nation fight the war.」と言います。
 August 15,1945,the entire nation sat silently in front of the radio and listened to the Emperor’s statement that
 the war was over.
 戦争が二度と起きないよう、平和の尊さをかみしめたいですね。「Let us
 cherish the peace that we’ve now won and hope that
 our nation will never get intowar again.



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