衣替え 【30】2009.11.10


 11月15日は「七五三」です。「November 15 is the day known
as “The Seven−Five−Three Festival”.

 この日は7歳、5歳、3歳の子どもの健やかな成長を祝います。「On this
day,3−&7−year−old girls and 3−&5−year−old boys arewell−wished for their healthy growth.

 家族で神社にお参りします。「The children accompanied by their
families are taken to a shrine.

 幸せが長く続くことを願います。「They pray that their happiness
is a long−lasting one.
 千歳あめは、幸福に満ちた長い人生を象徴します。「The long−shaped
white candy symbolizes a long life filled with happiness.

 「羽織、袴で」は、「in formal attire」または「in haori and hakama
と表現します。「神主が祝詞をあげる」は、「Shinto priests chant their
shinto prayers for them.
」といいます。子どもたちと家族は一緒に神社の前で記念写真を撮ります。「Photographs are taken of the children
and the family in their festive dress together in front of
the shrine.




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