Hartley names F1 car after Aizu bull(F1マシンに選手が愛称『Akabeko』)

Photos courtesy of Honda Motor Co. F1 driver Brendon Hartley, right, and Masashi Yamamoto of Honda Motor Co. stand in front of an Akabeko figure that has “Never fail to win” painted on its body.(会津の赤べこを山本部長から手渡されたハートレー選手(右))

 The city of Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, is in high spirits after Brendon Hartley, a Formula One driver for the team Scuderia Toro Rosso Honda, named his car "Akabeko," after a legendary red cow from the Aizu region.
 The name matches that of Toro Rosso, which means red bull.
 Hartley asked his fans to name his car at a gathering in Tokyo this March. He chose Akabeko, which was submitted via Twitter by a Japanese man.


 Aizuwakamatsu Mayor Shohei Muroi decided to present Hartley with a figure of Akabeko bearing the words "Never fail to win" on its body, together with a letter of encouragement. On Oct. 19, Masashi Yamamoto, the general manager of Honda Motor Co.'s motor sports division, gave the two items to the driver from New Zealand, who was in Texas to participate in the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.


 "I look forward to seeing [Hartley] set great records with Akabeko watching over him," said the mayor. "I also hope people overseas will learn more about Aizuwakamatsu."
 A public relations officer for Honda said the car's name would be easily recognizable among Japanese fans. "I hope it will spread internationally, too."

( Translated by The Japan News )


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