Airing her failures to encourage others(考え方で前向きに「失敗しても大丈夫」)

Momoe Endo holds illustrations used in the exhibition.(展示に使用するイラストを手に「失敗を肯定できる社会になれば」と話す遠藤さん )

 A unique exhibition focusing on personal failures was held by a college student from Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, on Nov. 18.
 The exhibition was organized by Momoe Endo, a 21-year-old student from Tohoku University of Art and Design, who wanted to spread the message that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes, and that you can learn from them and turn things around for the better.

 「失敗をポジティブなものに変えたい」。郡山市出身の東北芸術工科大(山形市)4年の遠藤百笑(ももえ)さん(21)は11月18日、郡山市のコワーキングスペース「co―ba koriyama(コーバ郡山)」で、誰もが経験する"失敗"を見つめる体験型の展示会「失敗展」を開いた。

 At a coworking space called co-ba koriyama, where the exhibition took place, visitors were asked through illustrations and other means to think of 10 questions related to mistakes and failures that occur in daily lives. They were also asked to express their responses to these questions by placing a sticker on them if they could sympathize with what was being presented or by writing comments. The displays were devised to enable visitors to face their own mistakes and failures while also having some fun.


 "I used to be afraid of failing and so was unable to face new challenges," Endo said. However, her friends and instructors helped her overcome her fear while trying various things in her college life, and she soon began to think that it was all right to make mistakes. With hopes of realizing a society that is tolerant of personal errors, she held an exhibition in October as part of her graduation project in the city of Yamagata, where the college is located, and brought the same exhibition to Koriyama, where she is from.


 Endo's worst failure yet occurred when she was a freshman and was telling her friend how she had broken up with her boyfriend. Instead of saying she was at "donzoko" (rock bottom) in her life, she mistakenly said "zundoko," which is a rhythmic Japanese tune. Since then, every time she feels like she is going to hit rock bottom, she is reminded of this episode, which makes her chuckle. Zundoko has become a phrase she uses to cheer herself up.


 Later in December, the exhibition will be held in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, and in Tokyo, with plans to hold the exhibition in Akita Prefecture and in Sendai as well.

( Translated by The Japan News )


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