Fusion of Eastern, Western art highlighted in Fukushima(「ジャポニスム展」美術ファンら感銘)

Visitors look at objects created by internationally acclaimed artists at the Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art in Fukushima City on March 24.(ガラス工芸品や陶磁器など一流作家の作品に見入る来場者=24日、県立美術館)

 FUKUSHIMA -- An exhibition featuring masterpieces from the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts has attracted visitors who are interested in and enjoy Western modern art and Japanese traditional beauty.
 The "Japonism and Art Nouveau" exhibition, which opened at the Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art in Fukushima City on March 24, displays about 200 glass crafts and ceramics from the Budapest museum collection under the theme of Japonism, which refers to the European craze for Japanese art in the latter half of the 19th century, and Art Nouveau, an art style that was popular in Western countries at that time.


 On the opening day of the exhibition, visitors appreciated masterpieces by artists such as Louis Comfort Tiffany, Emile Galle and the Daum brothers.
 Mayumi Sato, 41, a housewife and art enthusiast from Fukushima City, visited the museum with her 16-year-old daughter, Mahoko, on the first day. "The yellow and light blue vase with the bird painted on it was especially beautiful," she said excitedly. "I was impressed to find out that what Japanese thought was beautiful, was also perceived as beautiful by Westerners."


 People from outside the prefecture also visited the exhibition. Shiho Anzai, 15, traveled there from Sendai with her 49-year-old father, Takayuki. "It was interesting to see the new presentation of weaving together Japanese and Western characteristics," she said.


 Measures against coronavirus

 To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, employees of the museum have urged visitors to wear masks, and alcohol disinfectant has been placed at the entrance. The museum has also taken measures such as limiting the number of visitors allowed in at any one time by distributing tickets with designated hours.
 The museum is closed on Mondays, except May 4, and the exhibit will last through May 10. It is organized by an executive committee formed by The Fukushima Minyu Shimbun, Fukushima Central Television and the prefectural museum.

( Translated by The Japan News )



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