Koriyama student takes home gold at Chopin Piano Competition in Asia(安斎さん金賞 ショパン国際ピアノコンinASIA・中学生部門)

Hanna Anzai holds up her prize certificate and gold medal from the 22nd International Chopin Piano Competition in Asia as her teacher, Maki Yamamoto, stands behind her.(賞状とメダルを手にする安斎華さん(手前)と山本真希さん)

 Hanna Anzai, a second-year student at Koriyama Seventh Junior High School, has won gold in the junior high school division of the 22nd International Chopin Piano Competition in Asia, regarded as the first step for young pianists toward a successful career.
 After winning the prize, Anzai, a resident of Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, said she felt a new sense of determination. "I want to continue polishing my skills so that I can become a professional pianist," she said.

 郡山市の安斎華(はんな)さん(郡山七中2年)は「第22回ショパン国際ピアノコンクール in ASIA」の中学生部門で金賞に輝いた。同コンクールは若手演奏家の登竜門とされており、安斎さんは「プロのピアニストになれるよう、もっと腕を磨いていきたい」と気持ちを新たにしている。 

 The competition is held every year with the aim of nurturing up-and-coming talents through Chopin's music. Internationally renowned pianists serve as jury members, and past winners have gone on to become active performers in Japan and abroad.
 In this year's competition, participants were evaluated based on video recordings of their performances, as a precaution against the novel coronavirus pandemic.


 Fifty-seven participants competed in the final round of the junior high school division. Anzai performed Chopin's Etude in C major, Op. 10, No. 1 and Ballade No. 2 in F major, Op. 38.
 "I could express the image I had of these pieces," she said.

 中学生部門の本大会には57人が出場。安斎さんはショパンの「練習曲 作品10―1」と「バラード第2番 作品38」を演奏した。「自分なりのイメージを持って演奏することができた」という。

 When the results of the competition were announced online in mid-January, Anzai jumped for joy when she learned she had won the top prize in her category.
 Inspired by her two sisters, Anzai started learning the piano at the age of 3. She currently takes lessons from Maki Yamamoto, an instructor in Koriyama whose former students include Ryota Yamazaki, a promising pianist in his 20s who has won prizes in international competitions.
 "Anzai performs powerfully and energetically," said Yamamoto. "I'm looking forward to watching her grow and become even more of an artist in the future."


 "I really enjoy playing the piano," said Anzai, who dreams of becoming a versatile pianist who can handle a wide range of genres from classical to jazz and even pop music.
 "I want to become the kind of performer who moves people with my playing," she said.

( Translated by The Japan News )


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