Plastic waste converted into fuel oil(廃プラから燃料油)

Tao Engineering Inc. President Kozo Suganami stands next to a pilot plant that produces oil from plastic waste.(廃プラスチックから油を製造する実証プラントの隣に立つ菅波耕三社長)

 An Iwaki-based environmental equipment maker has developed a machine that processes plastic waste into oil, which can be used as fuel.
 Tao Engineering Inc. recently initiated the verification process for the machine, which can process unwashed items, including food containers, to generate oil with approximately 95% efficiency, the company said.
 "We want to create a recycling system that operates within the community," President Kozo Suganami said.


 Tao Engineering expanded its business into environment-related fields in the wake of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and is currently developing equipment to decontaminate radioactive material.
 It began processing plastic waste into oil in October 2020, and its pilot plant was completed in July.


 The firm buys waste, including food trays, plastic bottle caps and containers, as raw material from the manufacturing industry. The crushed plastic waste is heated, gasified, then cooled and liquefied in a heat exchanger to make oil.


 The pilot plant can produce more than 950 milliliters of oil from 1 kilogram of plastic waste, and generate up to 9 tons per day.
 "The mechanism is simple and reliable, and it can run the production of high-purity oil continuously over 24 hours," Suganami said.


 The resulting oil, which is something that would be classified as something between diesel and kerosene, will be shipped to an oyster shell processing plant in Miyagi Prefecture for fuel. Tao Engineering has also received inquiries from factories of major companies located in Iwaki.


 "About 10% of waste plastics are said to come from the food industry," he said. "We are conducting verification tests to separate organic matter from food plant waste to produce biomass fuel, too.
 "In the future, we want to establish a comprehensive recycling system based on this plant," the president said.

( Translated by The Japan News )


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