Fukushima association to create base for parents of children with disabilities(障害児の親へ拠点作り)

Mirai no Hikari director Hiroko Kaji, right, listens as Takayuki Kanno speaks at the Fukushima prefectural office. (福島県庁で会見する「みらいの光」の加治浩子理事(右)と菅野孝之さん)

 A general incorporated association in Fukushima plans to create a base where parents of preschool children with disabilities or other issues can spend time with their children while earning wages as paid volunteers.


 The association, Mirai no Hikari, aims to help the parents reduce social isolation and secure an income at the same time. It is said that this situation poses an unprecedented challenge for the nation.


 Since children with disabilities or serious illnesses need to be medicated at a set time every day, among other reasons, parents must often take care of their children at home. In addition, there are not enough facilities that sup-port them. Government subsidies for them are inadequate. To compensate for the shortcomings, Mirai no Hikari envisioned a way to enable the parents to earn an income while attending to their children.


 A closed elementary school building in Fukushima City will serve as the base of operations. The parents will be involved in the production of additive-free dog food utilizing unused ingredients provided for free by local su-permarkets and farmers.


 Many companies have already expressed their support for the project, and the association plans to expand the range of work according to the wishes of the employees to fields such as farming and making leather products from old randoseru schoolbags.


 "We want to help people who feel isolated and are having a hard time," Mirai no Hikari director Hiroko Kaji said.
 Takayuki Kanno, one of the business operators supporting the project who has a child with an illness, said: "I hope this initiative will spread throughout Japan."

( Translated by The Japan News )


 【 2023年8月8日付・福島民友新聞掲載 】