Aizu-Wakamatsu students come together with teahouse project(会津若松の生徒、茶室プロジェクトに集結)

Students scatter sweets for the successful completion of the teahouse at its construction site in the Aizu Technical High School.(建設中の茶室の前で工事の成功を願い、菓子まきをする生徒ら=会津工高)

 AIZU-WAKAMATSU, Fukushima - Aizu Technical High School in Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, launched a project to build a teahouse for traditional tea ceremonies in the school's courtyard. Students from all four departments of the school are collaborating on the project.
 Students will make use of the skills they have acquired from their courses. For instance, the architecture interior department takes charge of construction work, while the ceramic chemistry department is responsible for producing decorative tiles for interior walls.
 According to the school, it is the first endeavor among technical high schools in the prefecture where all departments are working together for a project.


 The school chose the teahouse for the project to create something rooted in the local community: Aizu-Wakamatsu city is home to the historic Rinkaku teahouse in Tsurugajo Castle Park.
 The teahouse under construction is named Kakushoan, which literally means "flying crane arbor," in reference to the crane in the school's emblem, combined with the hope that students would "fly" out into the world.


 The teahouse will be a one-story wooden structure with a floor space of about five square meters. The school plans to unveil it to the public at its school festival in autumn. It is expected to be used by members of the school's tea ceremony club.
 Students from all four departments have volunteered to participate in the construction work. Those from the machine department are producing signboards and tea kettles, while the electrical information department is supplying electricity with solar panels and the wiring for indoor lighting. The architecture interior department is arranging the stepping stones to be placed around the teahouse, and the ceramic chemistry department will produce tea utensils.


 "This is the first time we're collaborating with students from other departments, and I'm so excited," said Ryuki Miura, a third-year student in the architecture interior department. "I'd like to complete something we can be proud of so that it'll be a successful example of collaborative learning."


 When the ridgepole-raising ceremony was held on Dec. 4 at the construction site, students performed a ritual prayer and scattered sweets to wish for the safe completion of the teahouse.
 "I hope you will learn things that you cannot learn in regular classes," school principal Yoshinori Matsumoto told the student

( Translated by The Japan News )


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