New Kitakata ramen developed to appeal to foreign tourists(訪日客向けの喜多方ラーメン開発)

The Omakase set using the newly developed Sugoi Kitakata ramen designed for foreign tourists.(インバウンド向け喜多方ラーメン「SUGOI」を使ったお膳「OMAKASE」)

 KITAKATA, Fukushima -- A committee in Kitakata has developed a new type of ramen using local ingredients aimed at foreign tourists. Its aim is to increase awareness about the traditions and culture of the city and attract more foreign visitors.
 The ramen will be served in three shops in Kitakata, including Ajian Shokudo ramen shop, starting in mid-February.


 Aiming to raise the profile of Kitakata ramen overseas, the Kitakata ramen rebranding project promotion committee began developing a new Kitakata ramen in October. The panel comprises parties such as the Kitakata municipal government, ramen shops in the city and a noodle-making cooperative association. With the cooperation of Ajian Shokudo, the committee successfully developed a new ramen that appeals to the tastes of foreign tourists and retains the characteristics of Kitakata ramen such as high-water content and curly noodles.


 The new ramen was named "Sugoi," a word often used by foreigners as it is an easy-to-use adjective. The noodles are specially made only from domestically produced wheat, including that from Fukushima Prefecture. The ramen is topped with ingredients including Fukushima Aizu beef that was produced in the city and matured with locally produced koji rice malt. Sugoi ramen is served in bowls made with lacquerware produced in the city.


 The committee also developed an "Omakase" set consisting of Sugoi ramen, wonton, a bowl of rice topped with chicken giblets and eggs, and Aizu mead produced by a local sake brewery.
 The ramen recipe will be shared with about 90 shops and restaurants offering Kitakata ramen in the city to increase the number of shops offering Sugoi ramen.


 Hideyasu Ebana, the owner of Ajian Shokudo, said, "I hope that foreign tourists will not only enjoy Kitakata ramen but also visit other ramen shops in the prefecture so that they can experience the food culture unique to each area."
 The Sugoi ramen costs 3,000 yen while the Omakase set is 5,000, yen with both including souvenir ramen chopsticks. Farm-to-table restaurant Shiokawaya and the main shop of Kitakata Ramen Raimu will offer specially arranged "Sugoi" ramen dishes.

( Translated by The Japan News )


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