Local farm pioneers new specialty of peach-fed pork(モモで育てた豚肉誕生)

Moriaki Izumi, left, president of Furusato Yell Kori, and Hirokichi Shimazaki, president of Shimazaki Bokujo, display Royal Peach Pork.(完成したブランド豚「ロイヤルピーチポーク」を紹介するふるさとエール桑折の和泉守昭社長(左)としまざき牧場の嶋崎裕吉社長)

 Already famous for its peaches, the town of Kori, Fukushima Prefecture, is reaching for fresh culinary glory with a new brand of peach-fed pork.
 Royal Peach Pork, characterized by its tender meat with little odor, will be sold at the town's training center, Ubuka no Sato, from Nov. 3.


 Peaches grown in the town are presented to the Imperial family, a fact that inspired the Royal Peach Pork name.
 Furusato Yell Kori, an organization of volunteer managers in the town, has been working to develop the new brand of pork for the past three years, aiming to create a new special product of the town. The pigs are fed peaches that are grown in the town for processing. They also eat powdered sake dregs made from sake rice produced in the town, and further round out their diet with peach juice.


 The pigs are raised by Shimazaki Bokujo at a pig farm that straddles the border between the town of Kori and Date City. The company said it plans to ship about 400 pigs a month after raising them for about six months. Hirokichi Shimazaki, president of the firm, said, "The novel coronavirus has delayed the sales period, but we want to expand our sales channels and convey the appeal of Kori."


 At an Oct. 17 tasting event, Moriaki Izumi, president of Furusato Yell Kori, said, "This pork is easy for both children and adults to eat, and we will sell it with confidence."
 Kori Mayor Nobuhiro Takahashi also gave a speech, saying, "We will strongly promote this pork as a new specialty of the town." In the future, they plan to start selling processed products such as ham, sausage and bacon made with the pork.

( Translated by The Japan News )


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