Student aims to graduate at major U.S. dance competition(米の著名ダンス大会で高みを目指す学生)

Miyu Ichijo dances at Fukushima Toryo High School.(一条未悠さん(福島東稜高で))

 An 18-year-old Fukushima student is set to mark the first step in a thrilling new phase of her dance career as she will compete in the Showstopper Finals dance competition to be held this month in Los Angeles.

 福島市在住の18歳の学生が、今月ロサンゼルスで行われるダンスコンテスト「Showstopper Finals(ショーストッパー・ファイナル)」に出場し、わくわくするようなダンス人生の新たな一歩を踏み出そうとしている。

 Miyu Ichijo, a third-year student at Fukushima Toryo High School, won a national competition in Tokyo in February and was selected to participate in the solo division of the finals.
 "I want to be the best in the world and launch out into the world," she said.

 福島東陵高校の3年生、一条未悠さんは2月に東京で開かれた全国大会で優勝し、決勝のソロ部門への出場を決めた。一条さんは 「世界一になり、世界に飛び出したい」 と目標を語る。

 The competition is known as the oldest dance contest in the United States, having produced the likes of Beyonce and Selena Gomez.
 Competitors who have won the preliminary rounds can compete in this year's finals competition, which will be held over a five-day period from July 13-17.


 Participating in the finals will be the first step for Ichijo toward her dream of becoming a professional dancer.
 "I am so glad that I could win [the preliminary national competition]," she said. "I am very grateful to my family for their support."
 In the solo division in which she is to compete, she plans to perform primarily jazz dances.


 She currently spends her days practicing for the competition.
 "I practice every day without fail to create a style that is unique to me," she said.
 Her specialty is her waack performance, in which she dances with her arms flexed like a whip.
 Deftly moving her entire body in a large and impressive dance, she makes the small stature of her 152-centimeter-tall frame seem almost irrelevant.

 現在は本番に向け、練習を重ねる日々を送る。「毎日欠かさず練習して、自分だけのスタイルを作っている」 。一条さんの強みは、腕をむちのようにしならせて踊る「ワック」。全身を大きく使い、力強さを見せるダンスは、身長152センチの小柄な体格を感じさせない。

 Ichijo has participated in several world-class competitions as a member of a group. When she was a sixth-grader in elementary school, the Fukushima dance team Fabulous Sisters, which she was a part of, won the World of Dance.
 As she is competing in a solo division this time, she said she is nervous. "But I want to be No. 1 so that I can gain international prominence as a dancer," she said.

( Translated by The Japan News )


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