Hirono declares itself 'most beautiful sunrise town' in Japan(広野町が「日本一美しい日の出の町」宣言)

From Hirono’s official YouTube account.A scene from a video introducing Hirono as the most beautiful sunrise town in Japan(「日本一美しい日の出の町」を紹介する広野町公式ユーチューブの一場面)

 Hirono has declared itself "the most beautiful sunrise town in Japan." The town, located in the southern part of the coast, has been using the catchphrase "the town that heralds spring in the Tohoku region" due to its mild climate, and will now also promote itself as a town with the most beautiful sunrises.


 Based on a survey conducted in cooperation with weather forecasting company Weathermap Co., the town selected six other municipalities from among 300 that face the Pacific Ocean - including Taikicho, Hokkaido; Choshi, Chiba Prefecture; Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture; and Hyuga, Miyazaki Prefecture - as they fulfill the same three conditions as Hirono: the sea is located to the east of the town; sunrise is visible from the town center; and sunrise is visible throughout the year.


 Of the seven municipalities, Hirono ranked second in terms of the thinness of dust and other aerosols in the air and first in terms of the number of clear days on which the sunrise is visible. Given these findings, Hirono decided to name itself the most beautiful sunrise town in Japan overall.


 According to the town, recommended spots for watching the sunrise are Mikan no Oka, where tangerine trees have been planted on a hill overlooking the sea, and Hirono Bosai Ryokuchi park, which was built as a tsunami prevention measure.
 A video showing how the town came to be named the best in Japan and the sunrise that can be seen in Hirono is available on the town's official YouTube account (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzBvic8LhZs).

( Translated by The Japan News )


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