First hydrogen-powered school bus rolls out in Namie(浪江町に初の水素燃料スクールバス)

Students climb aboard the town’s hydrogen-powered school bus in Namie.(水素で走るFCスクールバスに乗り込む子どもたち=浪江町)

 Japan's first hydrogen fuel cell school bus has hit the road as it transports students of Namie Sosei Elementary and Namie Sosei Junior High schools.


 The Namie town government leased the vehicle from Toyota Motor Corp. with a subsidy from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization. The bus is part of the town's efforts to help realize a hydrogen energy-based society.


 Carrying up to 20 passengers, the bus will transport students to and from the schools, as well to extracurricular activities held outside the schools' campus.
 Consideration also is being given to the idea of the bus doubling as a "disaster response office on wheels" in an emergency, when its power supply capability could be used to supply electricity to evacuation shelters.
 Hydrogen produced at locations including the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field in Namie will fuel the bus.


 Ideas from students inspired the pictures on the bus exterior, and depict their vision for the town's bright future.


 "We hope traveling in the bus will help children become more familiar with hydrogen," said a town government official. "We also hope this will be a chance to boost awareness of environmental issues."

( Translated by The Japan News )


 【 2023年4月15日付・福島民友新聞掲載 】